Naama wins the NAHU Distinguished Service Award

I  am truly humbled and grateful to share this Award with you all. Last Monday was an ordinary Monday for our yearly #NAHU National Conference.  It appeared that nothing was ordinary for me, from the wildest House of Delegates to an incredible crazy bonding afternoon with a few of my NAHU sisters (you know who you are!),  I was beyond surprised, humbled, and in full gratitude to receive this incredible Award.

So this Award (not a prize) actually added some life lessons for me as I reflect and go through my life changes and transformations, and reminded me , that I am truly feeling humble to ride this life wave and receive such an incredible recognition.  It was a true reminder! It reminded me the love I constantly feel in my heart. It reminded me that joy is not something to learn, it is something to live and in life everything we know is that, we don’t know.

It reminded me that we are all on this ride together and that I wouldn’t be who I am without you all in my life.  It reminded me that despite the pain, the HealthCare chaos and the numerous things that don’t work in my life, I can still see and feel the future, the vision, the clear positive energy of this universe. Thank you for being on this ride with me. this award is a reflection of you all and I simply love you! Cheers for a wonderful weekend, Namaste ~ ♥