Covered California


So many new words in health insurance… subsidy, state exchange, APTC, SBC… what’s it all mean?  Well, I will tell you!

California’s state exchange is called Covered CA. That’s where individuals, families, and employers can go and purchase insurance.  If they are in a certain income level, you can maybe get a discount on not only your monthly premiums but your out-of-pocket costs as well. That premium discount is called a subsidy or APTC (Advance Premium Tax Credit) and the out-of-pocket discount is called the CSR (Cost Share Reduction.)

A+ Insurance is a preferred Covered CA Enrollment Partner, working diligently to assist enrollments in Covered CA policies and Medi-Cal.  It is Naama’s mission to assist everyone through all phases of their life; no matter how complicated, it’s our job to make it easy and efficient.

Yes, I qualify!

Think you might qualify for a discount?  Call us or check the chart below. If you are an immigrant, be sure to read the information below the chart.

Public charge policy for immigrants

 The Trump Administration implemented a “public charge” policy on Feb. 24, 2020. Immigrants may be denied permanent residency if they use government safety net programs, including those for nutrition, health, and housing. Here is more information from Covered CA for your reference. Please make sure to consult with your immigration attorney or one of the agencies cited before signing up for Medi-Cal or a Covered CA subsidy.

 From Covered CA: 

New Federal Public Charge Policy Went into Effect on February 24, 2020 The California Health and Human Services Agency issued an updated Public Charge Guide to serve as a resource for individuals and families with questions about the Federal Government’s new public charge policy that went into effect on Monday, February 24, 2020. 

This new policy makes many changes to the way federal immigration officials make decisions about granting individuals entry into the United States, extension of stay, or adjustment to lawful permanent resident status. You can access the English and Spanish versions of the guides directly for your reference. The public charge rule is complex and may affect families differently based on their unique situation. If you have more questions, please call the Health Consumer Alliance (HCA) at (888) 804-3536 to speak with a local health attorney about the public charge rule or visit the Department of Social Services’ list of community organizations that can provide free, confidential legal assistance related to public charge.

 For more information on Employer Group insurance through Covered CA’s Small Business plans, click here.

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