Where In The World Is NAHU

Last summer, America’s Benefit Specialist Magazine published my article on my trip to India right before the pandemic lockdown. In the year since that trip, I have reflected often on how the discipline and introspection I practiced during my weeklong stay at an Ayurvedic retreat in Goa helped me cope with my personal health, social distancing, and isolation we have all been experiencing this past year. 

I share the full article below, and invite you to reflect on what disciplines have you created during the ‘new now’ to protect and guide your mental, physical and spiritual health?

So much has happened in the last year to shape our world. Last January, while I was in the lounge in Washington State waiting for my flight to Mumbai, my son called me from Israel, sobbing that Kobe Bryant’s helicopter had crashed. It was a serious loss that, as he put it, “would change Los Angeles forever.” Within moments of ending that call, my daughter was on the line, with the same heartbreaking news. My trip to India could not have started on a more devastating note.

            If this wasn’t enough, we in the West began to receive news of a new and terrible virus that was wreaking havoc in China. Many years ago, a disease in a Chinese town would have stayed in a Chinese town, but today with our modern travel capabilities, the virulent virus was given wings to soar around the world, leaving a trail of tears and destruction.

            By the time I landed in Mumbai, I realized I just couldn’t keep my original, complicated itinerary. I was suffering emotionally and felt the need to mourn and heal. With this kind of angst literally at my fingertips, it would have been easy to settle into a state of despair, but that is exactly what I knew I must avoid.

            I canceled all my planned domestic flights and headed to beautiful Goa on the Arabian Sea. I spent a week on Goa’s incredible beaches at L’more, and then moved to a mountain Ayurveda retreat center, Mercure Goa Devaaya Retreat, on magical Divar Island, just off the coast of Goa. My time spent at Mercure, affected me in such a profound and special way. 

            Everything comes back to health. Without good health, nothing is possible. Today, healthcare is in a constant state of change. What we know for sure is that now is the time to tap into our own invincible energy. It’s time to learn of the many possibilities to heal ourselves and allow healing to happen worldwide. 

            The key to it all is knowledge. As the leaders in the healthcare industry, we need to understand that a physical and spiritual healing of the body, mind, and spirit is indeed possible, and that we all have access to the necessary tools.  Transformation is achievable if we allow peace and harmony and positive thinking to infuse our souls and lower our crippling stress levels.

            I am so happy to share my Indian experience here with you all. The Devaaya Retreat is a place where physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing is available on an individualized level.  Ayurvedic Medicine, which originated in prehistoric times, began as a healing that aligned the transmission of medical knowledge from the Gods to the sages to the doctors and finally, the general population. Right from the start, the emphasis was on balance and happiness. Ayu – life Veda – science:  the connection to whom we really are from within.

            The eight days I spent at The Devaaya Retreat weren’t always easy. It was a challenging program that taught me on many levels. My mornings started with yogic kriya, which is a deep cleansing of all senses, followed by a yoga practice and a nutritious breakfast.

            I had a twice-daily consultation with a doctor, body therapy sessions, various talks, meditations, and social interactions. The schedule was demanding and yet the teachings of Ayurveda, Naturopathy, and yoga allowed me to create a deep sense of balance and healing.

            This program was perfect for me because my greatest dream is to combine the teachings of Eastern medicine with the science of modern Western medicine. The two go hand-in-hand. Ayurveda is literally the science of life.  If we unite the physical practice of meditation and yoga with inner understanding, we will connect to who we really are and have the ability to truly thrive.

            A few Ayurvedic philosophies that can lower stress and guide our personal decisions are:

*  Eating only when hungry, not overeating, and indulging in smaller portions.

*  A bounty of spices like turmeric and chili are recommended, as are hot foods and drinks.

*  The healthy practice of gargling with warm salt water, every morning and night.

*  Consume less alcohol and caffeine.

*  Most importantly of all, create a daily practice of yoga, meditation, conscious breathing, and relaxation.

            I must admit this experience unconsciously was an incredible preparation for me to deal with the global virus and the fallout from the pandemic. Practicing social distancing is our new reality and we are all learning new ways of being, interacting, evolving, managing, creating, and sharing in this brave new world. While travel to India likely won’t be on the top of your list when we are finally able to resume flying, I anticipate creating a group so you all may join me on a transformational journey to India in the near future.

            Love and compassion should always be our strength and are vital to the future of healthcare and humanity. We are all on this ride together.

Much love to you all. May all beings be healthy and free.

Stay safe, secure, and happy ~

-Namaste, Naama~