About coronavirus: love is stronger than fear

Proceed with caution, not fear.

When I sat down to write this missive, my intention was to share a recent journey to India and my annual trip to Washington, lobby-ing on behalf of us all for im-proved, more affordable health care services. But as I put pen to paper, my mind could only focus on the current epidemic gripping our world. Is this in some way a reflection of our troubled humanity? Is there a lesson for us all, hidden in the waves of panic vibrating across the globe?

At the moment, it seems the world will never be the same. But what if we could harness the energy of this pandemic and by some means use it to rebuild the human spirit? What if we could turn the winds of change to bring us back to a more self-aware world in which we produce just what we truly need, and share the rest with our neighbors?

What if?

What if this pandemic is here to test us all — to see if we could stay truthful to ourselves when no one is looking? How much do we care for ourselves and for one an-other? How can we care for our loved ones and ourselves in the most productive way? At the end of the day, it comes back to the “I” and what we alone can do to cre-ate peace in our hearts and in our lives.

Healthcare 2020 has taken a wild twist. We need to understand that we’re on this ride of health-care together. Many of us are ex-tremely concerned about getting ill. With proper basic precautions, know that we can make it through this challenging time. It’s of ut-most important to stay away from panic and causing more damage than necessary. Be cautious, not fearful. In spite of all the alarm, know that this too shall pass.

The number one action should be healing, and move our entire focus towards all aspects of cura-tive therapy and join forces to share information and allow heal-ing.

Educate yourself and learn how to strengthen your immune system and prepare your body to manage this virus. Buy only what you need. Don’t stock up on un-needed merchandise.

Choose love. In order to have enough for everyone, we need to exercise restraint. Share your supplies, your consideration, your empathy and your love. Be conscientious in your every action as we collaborate towards a global community of healing and sharing.

If you traveled to or from a country with cases of the virus, you should be self-quarantined for two weeks. Don’t wait for the gov-ernment to tell us. We should take responsibility for ourselves.

Take steps to make sure that your immune system is strong. Eat well. Food is medicine and plant-based food is important at this time. Sleep well – at least eight hours a night. Walk outside but go to fewer public places for now. Drink lots of water. Ask your doc-tor about adding supplements to your diet including Elderberry, turmeric, cat’s claw, oregano oil, grapefruit extract, Ashwagandha, Silver-Hydrosol and vitamin C.

Think positive. Positive thoughts lead to total healing on all levels: mentally, spiritually and physically. Meditate to connect to yourself and your body and lower your stress level. Healing happens within. Healing is the return to ho-liness and wholeness. Healing Breathe, breathe, breathe.

Be insured, it’s never too late to join your employer benefits. In California, we are still enrolling for the current Individual and Family market to avoid paying the pen-alty. You should always be covered but especially now, you need to know that you are covered in the best possible way. Most insurance carriers waived the co-pay, and out of pocket for testing and treatment.

Don’t go to the hospital unless absolutely necessary. That will re-duce the wider exposure to the community and yourself of the spread of the disease. If you are having symptoms of the coronavi-rus, call your doctor, the California Department of Human Resources or the CDC 24/7 to be advised on what steps to take.

It is our job as a society to work together to eliminate this virus. Let’s collaborate and learn how we can defeat this enemy called COVID-19. Be conscious, be happy, be educated and don’t buy into the panic. Together we will be stronger.

Ohm, shanti, shanti.


Original posted at: https://tolucantimes.info/opinion/about-coronavirus-love-is-stronger-than-fear/