We can’t let it win us! #Food Of Thoughts

According to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, one in eight women are diagnosed with breast cancer. This type of cancer is the most common form among women. Sharing knowledge is crucial with this subject as we can all try to take our health in our own hands. We simply are what we eat and there are several plant-based foods that we should add to our diet as part of preventing cancer.

Being behind the healthcare scene for so many years, I have noticed that cancer is truly an epidemic disease. Further, I have seen the disease start in the form of a breast cancer and eventually spread into other parts of the body for people. As stated before, it is important to stay health conscious. This starts by eliminating sugar and adding foods such as kale, berries, tomatoes, broccoli, beans to our diet, and drink green tea. As we listen to the stories of cancer survivors and awareness supporters, it is evident that there is room for change. You don’t have to be diagnosed in order to change your lifestyle. I would like to encourage us all that this month will mark the beginning of prevention that will allow us to heal and survive. Beyond just wearing pink, let's share life-changing knowledge about this disease and eventually prevent it.

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