Worksite Wellness Classes

For employers who want to improve quality of life of their employees. following Worksite Wellness classes will be available in 2015:

Eat Well - This class reviews nutrition guidelines and appropriate food portion sizes. Tips to building healthy eating habits when dining out and cooking are also highlighted. Interactive visuals are used during the class.

Food Labels - Just about everything we consume has a food label but it’s not very user-friendly. Learn simple tips to make sense out of a standard food label so that you are informed about your food choices.

Weigh Less - Weight-loss is possible for anyone if they follow the key elements to effective and healthy weight management. In this class you will get the basics on energy balance, calorie intake, and Body Mass Index.

Move - More First half of the class describes fitness guidelines and how to safely begin a comprehensive fitness program. Second half of the class; participants engage in a low-impact, chair-based fitness routine. No special attire required.

Stress - Less This class guides you toward building stress management skills by reviewing the effects of stress on the body and how to identify symptoms. The class includes interactive relaxation techniques and aromatherapy music.

Sleep Well - Are you getting enough restful sleep? This class reviews what is healthy sleep, defines insomnia, and provides simple sleep hygiene steps. Sleep is part of a healthy lifestyle so be sure to set your clock for this informative class.


Back Care - Learn how to maintain a healthy back through this class which illustrates basic steps to prevent common back injuries through stretching and proper posture.

Heart Care - Love your heart. This class reviews prevention steps, risk factors and recommended screenings related to heart disease. High blood pressure and high blood cholesterol are highlighted with a discussion on a heart healthy diet.

Diabetes - The negative health impact of Type II diabetes and associated risk factors are discussed during this class. Key prevention steps including a Diabetes Risk Test are included in this session.

Skin Cancer - Protect your skin. This class focuses on skin cancer prevention steps and how to monitor skin changes over time.

Women’s Health - This class provides an overview of important components of women’s health including breast cancer, cervical cancer, and recommended preventative screenings. Class includes interactive visuals.

Kick the Habit - Smokers can prepare to take the first step to quit smoking in this class. They will learn about Kaiser Permanente’s smoking cessation classes, Wellness Coaching, on-line programs, and current nicotine replacement products.

Webinar - The above health topics are available via a web-based class with a live Certified Health Education Specialist. Employees interact directly online from their workstation. Ask your Account Manager for more details.

Contact us to schedule a class/webinar.

Two month advance booking is suggested.
One hour duration and ten-person minimum is required per class.
Classes are available in Spanish.