Washington Visit: Capitol Conference 2016: Leading The Way to Healthcare Stability

Congressman Tony Cardenas representing 29th District of California meeting With Naama O. Pozniak , NAHU current President: Don Goldman and Chad Schneider, chief sales officer of Code SixFour.

As an agent and broker in my community I look forward to help and support the future of the Healthcare industry.

To make the healthcare insurance market more efficient and more responsive to the constant changing environment, I believe some changes need to be made to ensure access, choice and affordability.

As part of being a NAHU member we all got together to make sure that the following top federal priorities policy be more responsive to American employers and individual health consumers:

  • To increase choice of Health Plans, we should make sure that consumers will always have the ability and to access licensed benefit professionals.
  • Employer Reporting H.R. 2712 and S.1996 to address new challenges related to counting employees and complying with employer reporting requirements.
  • Small Business Tax Credit : H.R. 762 and S.379 to increase the effectiveness and structure of the small business tax credits.
  • To address affordability ~ Repeal Cadillac/Excise Tax : H.R. 879, H.R. 2050, S.2045, and S.2075, to permanently repeal the "Cadillac Tax."



Congresswoman Mimi Walters representing the 45th District of California with Naama O. Pozniak



Kevin Counihan, CEO of Healthcare.gov in conversation with Brokers and Insurance agents.

Kevin explored the complications, improvements and future upcoming renewals. Regulating the enrollment process and pre-planning renewals, stability and functionality will be few of the key elements for the upcoming 2017 4th Open Enrollment.