Individual Health

There are 3 different kinds of policies for individuals and families, based on your annual household income:

  1. A full-priced plan purchased direct from the company (aka off-exchange or direct)
  2. A subsidized plan purchased from our state exchange, Covered CA (aka on-exchange)
  3. Medi-Cal (CA’s Medicaid)

The chart below shows the annual income ranges for Covered CA:

There are only two times throughout the year you can enroll in ANY policy … Open enrollment (November 1 – January 31) OR within 60 days of a Qualifying Life Event (or QLE).  Unsure of what a QLE is?  Check the image below!

If you missed Open Enrollment, check out our Short Term options.

If you’re eligible and ready to enroll, please click here for a quote OR call us for assistance!