Covered California


So many new words in health insurance… subsidy, state exchange, APTC, SBC… what’s it all mean?  Well, I will tell you!

California’s state exchange is called Covered CA. That’s where individuals, families, and employers can go and purchase insurance.  If they are in a certain income level, you can maybe get a discount on not only your monthly premiums but your out-of-pocket costs as well. That premium discount is called a subsidy or APTC (Advance Premium Tax Credit) and the out-of-pocket discount is called the CSR (Cost Share Reduction.)

A+ Insurance is a preferred Covered CA Enrollment Partner, working diligently to assist enrollments in Covered CA policies and Medi-Cal.  It is Naama’s mission to assist everyone through all phases of their life; no matter how complicated, it’s our job to make it easy and efficient.

Yes, I qualify!

Think you might qualify for a discount?  Call us or check the chart below.

 For more information on Employer Group insurance through Covered CA’s Small Business SHOP plans, click here.


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