The Los Angeles Daily News  (10/11) reported that a California bill requiring health insurers “to update their provider directories with accurate information has been signed by Gov. Jerry Brown and will take effect in July.” The bill, introduced by state Sen. Ed Hernandez (D), “was proposed in response to numerous complaints by California residents who enrolled into health plans through Covered California beginning in October 2013 only to find inaccurate provider directories, no doctors in the networks chosen and other mistakes.”

President Obama yesterday signed legislation “aimed at preventing premium increases that some smaller businesses were expecting next year under his signature health care law.” The new law keeps the ACA’s definition of small business at one to 50 workers but allows states to increase that threshold if they choose. The number was scheduled to expand to 100 on Jan. 1.

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Small Business: 1-50 employees

If you enrolled your employees in health care via the SHOP Marketplace in 2015, you’ll qualify for what could be a sizeable tax write-off. Tax credit could be worth up to 50% of your contribution toward your employees’ premium costs.

In general, the fewer employees your company has, the greater your tax credit will be, especially if the average salary of your workforce is less than $25,000.

Here’s good news for small business owners who haven’t signed their employees up for health care yet: in 2015, businesses with 50 employees or fewer can sign up for coverage through the SHOP Marketplace.

For employers who want to improve quality of life of their employees. following Worksite Wellness classes will be available in 2015:

Eat Well - This class reviews nutrition guidelines and appropriate food portion sizes. Tips to building healthy eating habits when dining out and cooking are also highlighted. Interactive visuals are used during the class.

Food Labels - Just about everything we consume has a food label but it’s not very user-friendly. Learn simple tips to make sense out of a standard food label so that you are informed about your food choices.

Weigh Less - Weight-loss is possible for anyone if they follow the key elements to effective and healthy weight management. In this class you will get the basics on energy balance, calorie intake, and Body Mass Index.

Move - More First half of the class describes fitness guidelines and how to safely begin a comprehensive fitness program. Second half of the class; participants engage in a low-impact, chair-based fitness routine. No special attire required.

Stress - Less This class guides you toward building stress management skills by reviewing the effects of stress on the body and how to identify symptoms. The class includes interactive relaxation techniques and aromatherapy music.

Sleep Well - Are you getting enough restful sleep? This class reviews what is healthy sleep, defines insomnia, and provides simple sleep hygiene steps. Sleep is part of a healthy lifestyle so be sure to set your clock for this informative class.

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